My License Keys

License Key Verification

    If you purchased your license key before September 1, 2022 and have not switched to the subscription model yet, when you activate the renewal your license key will be switched to a subscription model and annual renewal will be mandatory. Read more

License key information

This form displays full information about your license key: registration name; product edition; license key period and other licensing related information. Enter your license key and click “Verify”.

License key extension

If your license key is expired and you have to prolong your subscription, the license key verification result page will show links to add the required services to the shopping cart, and the period within which an extension coupon must be activated (if applicable).


Use this form to register your product copy for your company or a person if the key you provided has not yet been activated. Registration entitles you to various paid services: customer technical support; private forum; product distribution packages with full source code.

How to find your license key

  • Authorize in your system using the administrator’s login (open your website’s Control Panel:
  • Open the “Marketplace > Platform Update” form and scroll to the “Update Server Response” section. Find your license key there (see the figure below).
  • Select and copy the license key. Paste it to the key field at the top of the current page. Click “Enter key”.

Update Server Response

Should you have any questions regarding subscription renewals or licensing policy, please feel free to contact our Sales Department -

Download Source Code

As a commercial client, you can download distributive packages of our product with full source codes. You can select the desired format (zip, tar.gz) of the distribution package according to the license key you purchased.

    Please note that your commercial license key should be activated within 7 days from the purchase date. Otherwise, it will be activated automatically. If you've just purchased a license key and do not see any commercail distribution packages available on this page, please contact our HelpDesk.